Denizler Kitabevi


Denizler Kitabevi While Istiklal Caddesi is one of the wonders of Istanbul, many feel that the famous avenue is losing its allure as the international brands move in. But down in Tünel, at its southern tip, some shops are managing to hold on to the traditional atmosphere; Denizler Kitabevi (the Bookshop of the Seas) is a perfect example. Sadly it seems more tourists flock here to photograph its early 20th-century interior than to invest in the fantastic array of 19th and 20th century posters, antiquarian books, maps and engravings. Just the window display is usually enough to get even the most amateur of historians excited, with its posters from the Berlin-Baghdad railway, or antique maps of Byzantium. Run by the erudite and well-read Ekber Bey, Denizler also holds auctions of historical ephemera – ranging from pages from antique books to bric-a-brac and posters – on Sunday mornings.